Business solutions that will improve your company’s website

For businesses that wish to improve their website so 1) it can increase traffic and 2) to rank highly on Google to gain customers and grow their businesses – you are in need of an SEO consultant that can devise an SEO strategy just for you. Read more on our SEO marketing tips.

Why do companies need an SEO strategy?

First off, an SEO strategy first outlines what direction your company is aiming for in the future. As each website is unique, it takes an experienced consultant to tailor each approach to specific needs that will help to optimise the site.

The team at Ivint recommend the help of experts at Busy Business.  They are a digital marketing company located in Brighton – they report back to their client’s efficiently and effectively so the client is in the know about what is going on with their site. Find out more.

This often includes:

  • Monthly hours spent
  • The content that has been created
  • Where external content has been placed
  • Position in Google

Link building

SEO companies often offer a link building service to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and other page levels on your site. This includes your links on external sites. For link building, Google associates with quality rather than quantity. So having a lot of links may not always be beneficial, but links where the content is relevant and is of high quality is much more advantageous. Click here for our solutions.

Creative media strategies

Having a creative marketing strategy can help to promote your business on other platforms. Send a message to a wide audience through EMCL’s creative marketing advice and watch your business grow.

They provide different solutions that will suit your business and to promote your brand in various ways. Read more.

Staying connected through social media

There is nothing that says committed like communicating to your customers through social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Update them on what’s going on within the industry, share relevant information and communicate directly with consumers to answer their questions directly. See: 10 Benefits of Social Media.

It also provides a platform for others to share your posts as well as promoting your business. Those who are interested can find you on various medias, which they will find more trusting, especially if you update on a regular basis. Contact.